Friends in Common Time

Building off the success of "Poems and Dreams" Alexander and I have produced another album of original works for flute and piano. "Friends in Common Time" features living composers from Germany, Slovakia, Moldova, France and the USA. It's been amazing to share in their enthusiasm for this project! Released April 12, 2018.

Poems and Dreams

Poems and Dreams, with Rebecca Jeffreys and Alexander Timofeev, features 5 new works for flute and piano written by Adrienne Albert, Kevin Walker, Francis Kayali, Jeffrey Hoover and Russell Nadel. The original scores musically bring to life the beauty of the land and the culture of Canada's people, storytelling through song, painting sound via special effects and celebration of dance forms.



 Nattassja Linzau, pianist, and flutists Lisa Sheldone, Kara Ebert and Karen Edwards join me on this album of gorgeous contemporary music for solo and ensemble flutes.  Music of Catherine McMichael, Steve Tung and Victor Wong, Mel Lauf, Jr., Gabriel Faure, Alberto Arantes, George Frederick McKay.


Passages features the Woodbridge Flute Choir, founded and directed by Rebecca Jeffreys. This special album includes an original work written by Gretchen Morse in memory of the tragedy at Columbine. Also included is Furry Leaves for solo flute and choir. Rebecca Jeffreys, soloist; Gretchen Morse, composer.

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